Arenas Del Mar WildLife: Sloths

Brown toed tree sloth chews on a leafCosta Rica’s rain forest is know for it’s biodiversity and beauty, with several species sharing a relatively small space. Among the animals that call Arenas Del Mar and the Manuel Antonio reserve in Costa Rica home are the two and three toed sloths.

These cute, peaceful, and slow moving animals make their home all over the rainforest of Costa Rica, they are arboreal, medium sized mammals and they eat buds, tender leaves and shoots.

Sloths are not aggressive animals and they also serve as hosts for other species like beetles, moths, cockroaches and ciliates.

Back in prehistoric times there used to be  Ground sloths the size of elephants! However, today they are all extinct and only arboreal sloths survive in Central and South America.

In the past Sloths have been endangered due to habitat destruction. However, Costa Rica makes a great and sustained effort in protecting this species and thanks to the measures taken by the Costa Rica government and private reserves like the Arenas Del Mar their numbers have climbed over the last few years.

You can spot this funny and peaceful animals during your stay at Arenas Del Mar or in our Manuel Antonio National Park Group or Private Tours.3 toed Sloth at Arenas del Mar, Manuel Antonio

Arenas Del Mar an “Intelligent Resort”

Arenas Del Mar is privileged because of its location and elegant facilities but mostly because of our staff.

Staff members at Arenas Del Mar showing their Costa Rica pride.

Staff members at Arenas Del Mar showing their Costa Rica pride.

Arenas Del Mar focuses on making every one of our guest’s experience unique and to do this we are committed to understanding every single guest’s preferences and vacation goals. To be able to achieve this goal we depend on our staff. Arenas Del Mar is an intelligent hotel because it uses the most powerful computer on the face of the earth: The human brain.

From our front desk staff to our managers, cleaning and maintenance crews you will find a special interest in finding out what makes you comfortable at the hotel and what engages you while outside our walls. There are several experiences available in Manuel Antonio and we will make sure we fit you with the right one for you and your party.

This approach also applies to our chefs and dining staff. We will make sure we know what you love to eat and what you don’t like so much or if you have any food allergies and, of course, provide you with options. We are here for you, and this simple idea is what makes Arenas Del Mar an “Intelligent Resort”

Chef prepares fish in Arena Del Mar kitchen

Preparing a ceviche

Arenas Del Mar Youtube

One of the most popular ways for future guests to research our property is through Youtube. It used to be Google and TripAdvisor were the only places but video just makes so much sense! Getting to see a video of the property you are visiting takes any guess work out of your trip planning and lets you put yourself right into the action.

We’ve got a channel on Youtube and we will be updating it with videos that we make of our guests, staff and activities and we will also be sharing and commenting on some of our guest’s’ videos as well.

Touring Around the Rain Forest

Howler monkey at Arenas del Mar Reserve, Manuel Antonio

As we know, Arenas del Mar is located in the Manuel Antonio region of Costa Rica home to some of the most spectacular rainforests in the world. Touring around in the rainforest in the Manuel Antonio ecological reserve with the most experienced guides you can find in Costa Rica is certainly an adventure to treasure forever and not something everyone gets to do.

Now imagine doing it in a kayak. Yes, Imagine going through the Manuel Antonio reserve with its 109 different mammal species and over 300 species of birds in your own kayak following an experienced guide through a calm river that will take you to and through the Damas Island Mangrove.

The Mangrove Forest is a singular ecosystem that only exists in a few places around the world, and Costa Rica has gone through great efforts to conserve it. The trip will take you right through the heart of the jungle to spots you cannot normally reach by foot.

White Faced Capuchin monkeys are common in this area so expect to see this fun primates quite a bit while you are paddling.

This is only one more of the many exciting tours available at Arenas del Mar, but quite an exciting one at that.


A tour among the most intelligent mammals in the seas.

We have all heard about and seen Dolphins live or on a screen and we can all agree on how beautiful and intriguing these sea mammals are. It is said their cognitive capacities are comparable to those of humans and some biologists think that they might even have a higher social intelligence.

Bottlenose Dolphin jumping through the water

The interest that Dolphins generates in us and their social and amicable personalities unite to create the perfect tourist attraction. There are several places in the world where you can enter a pool and swim among them while they perform and entertain you.

You will not find this pool at Arenas del Mar. We take a different approach towards nature and its beauty. Instead, during our Whale and Sight Seeing Tour along the Pacific Coast.Sunset in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

We will take you to the dolphins and whales that make these coasts their home. Our goal with this tours is to and let you appreciate these creatures in full splendor in their natural habitat. Whales (Humpbacks and Pilot Whales) can be seen here from November to march and from July to September, while the dolphins are around all year.


This is a unique experience that will bring you and your family as close to these animals as you can get in their natural habitat.



Arts and Crafts at Arenas del Mar

At Arenas del Mar it is very important to give back to a community that has done so much to preserve the natural beauty of Manuel Antonio while also creating a sustainable source of income for Costa Rica.

This is why at Arenas del Mar not only do we hire the best talent you can find locally but  we also try to preserve the culture of this particular region by shedding light on its cuisine, art and traditions.

You can find different crafts made in Manuel Antonio by local artists all throughout the hotel and if you wonder into our gift shop. Ocean Breeze Suite

This outlet provides an extra source of income for those residents in the area that are not directly involved with guest services in the Arenas del Mar and make a living exploiting their creative abilities and expert hands.

Costa Rica’s crafts are colorful and made with care. Among the crafts you can expect to find in Manuel Antonio are: pottery, woodwork adorned with different types of local seeds, bead necklaces, decorative pieces made from sea shells and other sea materials.



Make sure to check these out and take a few back home, they will brighten any room and it helps the local communities.

Taste, Enjoy, Eat

Arenas Del Mar is known for a lot of things, and outstanding food is absolutely one of them. With an immense amount of work and attention going into the food that our guests enjoy, we are proud to boast about our delicious culinary offerings.

We strive to achieve sustainability in every part of our business practices, and that absolutely includes the way we provide food to our guests. Starting with sourcing as much of our food as possible from local and organic growers, we create delicious and fresh meals from the best ingredients. We also have a hydroponic garden which provides many of the greens found on our menus. The beef found on our menus is all grass-fed, and all the seafood is responsibly farmed or caught. We even serve only South American wines, with a special emphasis on those that are organic or biodynamic.



El Mirador Restaurant

El Mirador Bar

Playitas Restaurant and Bar


Room Service

Private Romantic Dinner


At Arenas Del Mar we are committed to delivering innovative, nutritious, culturally inspired cuisine, and we have run a number of events highlighting

Our Backyard is a National Park

Yep, you read that right.

Arenas Del Mar is located at the foot of the rainforest and the shores of the pacific. With the 682 hectare Manuel Antonio National Park making up our backyard, guests experience unparalleled ecological tours, all at the convenience of having the site of exploration seconds from their jungle bungalow.

View of Arenas del Mar from the ocean

Looking back at Arenas del Mar from the ocean off the Manuel Antonio coastline.

Manuel Antonio National Park provides hundreds of species with a home. With the main habitats being primary forest, secondary forest, mangrove swamps, lagoons and beach vegetation, the variance in this national park is astounding. There are 12 small isles found just off the shores, which are also beautiful spots to explore.

Tiger heron at Arenas del Mar in Manuel Antonio, Costa RicaThe park officially opened in 1972, when the people of Costa Rica decided that this delicate and precious bio-diverse area needed to be protected for future generations to enjoy. And despite it being the nation’s smallest national park, it consistently is the subject of much study, tourism and interest.

Squirrel monkeys have lots to eat in green season.

Squirrel monkeys have lots to eat in green season.

Some of the wildlife in this park is incredibly rare, showcasing the need for this protected land. Patrons will see everything from iguanas and sloths to squirrel monkeys and crabs. In addition to the impressive fauna that populates the park, there is also some magnificent flora too. Enjoy a guided tour, and learn about how the greenery of the rainforest provides many animals with nourishment and all the animals with a home.

Fiery billed Aracari at Arenas del Mar in Manuel Antonio

Music and Dancing!

Costa Rica, like many Latin American countries, is known for dancing. Maybe there is something in the food, but people here definitely know how to shake it! Costa Rica has a rich traditional music scene, complemented by a fun-loving an welcoming population.

Guests take part in a song with a calypso bandSoca, salsa, merengue and cumbia are among the most popular dancing styles, each of which is distinct, with its own proper music accompaniment. Interestingly, there is evidence of significant African influence, especially in a percussion rhythm called sinkit.

When it comes to the traditional music of Costa Rica the marimba, like many other central American nations, is a key instrument. The folk music in Costa Rica isn’t the most popular (rock and pop seem to often win out), but it is respected and cherished by most.

Salsa dancing at Arenas del MarAt Arenas Del Mar we love to get our guests up dancing, and often bring in live music from the local community to play. This is a really fun and memorable way to learn about the culture of a new place.

Arenas del Mar celebrates Independence Day with Guests

We have a lot of fun here!

Ultimately, all the best music in the world shares something, and that is the ability to get people up on their feet and dancing to the music. We don’t mind how it comes, as long as it makes us want to dance!


Sustainable, Educational and Beautiful

Arenas Del Mar is a beach resort in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. But more than that, Arenas Del Mar is an innovative sustainable industry leader, a living classroom with rainforests and waters to explore, and of course, a gorgeous place to spend a vacation.

The beautiful beach of Manuel Antonio

The beautiful beach of Manuel Antonio

Sustainability at Arenas Del Mar
As one of the top eco-resorts in Costa Rica, we take a lot of pride in our eco-friendly and sustainable practices, adhering to rigorous standards in environmental stewardship and social responsibility. With environmental issues gathering concern worldwide it is integral that businesses take responsibility for their practices and impact, always aiming to improve and reduce, and at Arenas Del Mar we’re doing our part by being completely carbon neutral! With a water management and conservation system as well as waste management and biodiversity conservation programs, we are always excited to talk about how we manage our luxury hotel in a sustainable way.

Compost bins used at Arenas Del Mar

The compost bins at Arenas Del Mar

Education at Arenas Del Mar
Costa Rica is an ecological paradise! With more than 500,000 species on just over 50,000 km² of land, visitors feel like they’re in a open air zoo with all sorts of animals always playing nearby. With educational tours of our property, the surrounding wilderness and the larger region ranging from birdwatching and surfing to learning to make tortillas and going on nighttime nature walks, guests leave with an enriched understanding of our exotic ecosystems. We also love to teach any willing guests a little spanish during their stay!

Iguanas and people alike enjoy the great climate provided at Manuel Antonio

The weather in Manuel Antonio is perfect for taking in the sun

Beauty at Arenas Del Mar
The scenery, with rolling green hills, sandy warm beaches and rustic communities, is really stunning. But it isn’t just what you see that is beautiful in Costa Rica, it is what you feel. Life in this part of the world moves at a different pace, and that is reflected through the people you’ll meet and the places you’ll go. People take more time to appreciate their surrounding environment, and its role in their sustenance and way of life. We love welcoming guests to Costa Rica and teaching them all about Pura Vida!

Magic hour from the Balcony at Arenas Del Mar

Magic hour from the Balcony at Arenas Del Mar