Romantic luxury honeymoon spots in Manuel Antonio

When you got engaged, your partner likely spent a bit of time trying to figure out the best spot to pop the question. Whether it was a spot filled with nostalgia or one that was really important to them, the location where the proposal happened was likely as significant as the spot for your wedding. Your Manuel Antonio honeymoon will be no different.

Our Manuel Antonio Hotel & Rainforest Resort is filled with romantic spots where you can share a moment with your spouse that will last a lifetime. Besides, no one actually spends all their time in their room on a week-long honeymoon!

A few options for sharing a romantic occasion at Arenas Del Mar include:

 The beach

Whether it’s early in the morning, midday, or as the sun sets, the Playitas beach offers constantly changing views, perfect for spending time connecting with your loved one.

Sometimes you've got the whole beach to yourself!

Sometimes you’ve got the whole beach to yourself!

 The pool

If the ocean is too much, and you want a quiet spot to sit in the water without the constant swell of waves, try the pool.

Enjoying the pool

Enjoying the pool

 The park

Arenas Del Mar is adjacent to Manuel Antonio National Park, home to some of the most beautiful species of birds, monkeys, and sloths. Who says three’s a crowd?

Sloths grab on to a tree in Manuel Antonio

Hanging out like a sloth

 The restaurant

El Mirador is the perfect spot to sit down and enjoy a delicious ceviche with a bottle of Imperial.

World class chefs bring culinary expertise to Costa Rica

Foodies take note! When you combine world class chefs with world class ingredients incredible things happen.

 The spa

When it is time for the ultimate memorable moment, try a couple’s massage at the Las Brisas spa. We guarantee that the shared experience at our spa will leave you as relaxed as possible.

Manuel Antonio Spa

Enjoy a relaxing massage while staying with us in Manuel Antonio.

Top 3 Things to do on Honeymoon in Manuel Antonio

There are tons of things to do while you’re on your honeymoon that go beyond the, ahem, hotel room, and in choosing Arenas Del Mar for your destination, you’ll have more than you need to keep yourselves entertained in the daylight hours! Here are the three must do things, while in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica on your honeymoon.

1. Guided tour of Manuel Antonio National Park

The Manuel Antonio National Park was named by Forbes as one of the 12 most beautiful national parks in the world, so it is absolutely a must see when you’re here! Though it is the smallest of the Costa Rican national parks, it is home to many gorgeous beaches and adventuresome hiking trails. We have a team of experienced naturalists who can take just you on a tour through the park where you’ll see all kinds of amazing vegetation as well as everything from squirrel monkeys and two toed sloths to beautifully colored frogs and songbirds!

Squirrel monkey poses on top of a rock

Squirrel monkey

2. Tortilla Making Tour

When you’re here with us, we want you to feel less like a tourist and more like a traveller, more like someone temporarily part of the world and culture here. This in house tour is an amazing way to spend an afternoon, familiarizing yourself with Costa Rica and her culture and people, while learning a cool skill to take home with you. When you and your new partner in crime can’t think of what to make for dinner once you’ve returned home again, you’ll always know how to whip-up a costa rican style quesadilla!

Making tortillas

Home-made tortillas!

3. Long walks on the beach…

There are innumerous beaches at your disposal when you come to Arenas Del Mar, so you must take advantage of them and go on some good old fashioned romantic walks along the beach. The sand is beautiful and smooth, the water warm and colorful, the sun hot and bright, and the sunrises and sunsets are unparalleled. If walking on foot is not what you imagined, you can opt for horseback instead!

Manuel antonio magic hour

Sunset here at Arenas Del Mar…

For any additional information make sure to look at our activities page!

Gluten Free Week

Out with the old and in with the new, a “spring cleaning” of our already incredible breakfast, lunch, dinner and room service menus here at Arenas Del Mar! We have always offered our clients a great culinary experience through food that’s equal parts delicious, local, organic and adventuresome, but with our new menu we’re ramping up those same elements, and paying particular attention to creating new gluten-free dishes.


World class chefs bring culinary expertise to Costa Rica

Now tell me that doesn’t look delicious…

Why gluten-free? Celiac Disease has been around for a very long time, and the idea to have a gluten-free week here was inspired by the daughter of one of our owners who has Celiac Disease. That being said, the New York Times #1 Bestseller Wheat Belly presented the world with some interesting information on that staple food group and how it effects those unaffected by Celiac Disease. The basic premise being, that gluten, the protein found in wheat is difficult to digest, and can lead to, or aggravate, a number of health problems, not only for those who are classified as having Celiac Disease. Whether you agree with gluten-free or not, you can’t argue with the fact that eating a little more proteins, vegetables and fruits and a little less breads, pastas, and pastries is a good thing!


An interesting read!

So, here at Arenas Del Mar, beginning September 13th, we’ll have two weeks where the entire hotel will be gluten free! A portion of the proceeds will go to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. We will be bringing in two guest chefs from Philadelphia, Monica Glass and Nicole Petrongolo, who both have extensive experience in creating innovative dishes which are delicious, healthy and gluten free. We have always been committed to achieving a very high level of customer satisfaction, and this initiative is motivated by the desire to ensure that satisfaction. Hope to see you soon!

Manuel Antonio Hotel Reviews

We believe, at Arenas Del Mar, that we offer an incredible experience defined by adventure, luxury and sustainability. We take immense pride in ensuring that all the needs and wishes of our guests are met, and believe that this is achieved! However, it always helps hearing the positive experiences of our guests to reaffirm the realization of these aims.

On Trip Advisor we’re ranked 4th out of the 48 hotels in Manuel Antonio National Park, with a 94% satisfaction rate! And just in the last week we’ve been fortunate enough to receive some glowing reviews.

One family said that our staff were:

“Always so kind, courteous, and helpful, but genuine in their desire to make our vacation perfect”


another, that

“The service here [was] impeccable”.


We take incredible pride in comments like these, and appreciate that our guests hold us to such high standards of service, and that we meet them (and often exceed them), time after time.

Many reviews also pointed out that our

“staff were all so knowledgeable about the wildlife”


which to us is essential given our close relationship with the environment. Finally, one wrote that

“management clearly empowers their staff to ‘go the extra mile’”,


which is a very important pillar in the running of our eco-resort.

Child guests make silly faces for the camera

Kids laughing after a guied tour of Manuel Antonio.

Another aspect of our hotel often mentioned in the reviews was our food! One saying,

“We are foodies, and I’m telling you, the restaurant is gourmet”


another that:

“there was a good variety, enough to keep our interest for 7 days worth of meals. We didn’t feel the desire to venture away from the hotel for meals, even though there are many restaurants in the area.”


World class chefs bring culinary expertise to Costa Rica

Foodies take note! When you combine world class chefs with world class ingredients incredible things happen.


Finally, many touched on our beautiful property, one in particular stating that

“the location, right on the beach but still in the forest, is unbeatable”.


Well, if these testaments don’t convince you, you may just have to come down and see for yourself!

Why Spring is the perfect time to travel

After the high season period that lasts from mid-December through to after Easter weekend, Costa Rica enters what we call ‘green season’.

Named for the time of year when it tends to rain more often, green season, doesn’t mean it’s always raining!

View of Arenas del Mar from the ocean

Looking back at Arenas del Mar from the ocean off the Manuel Antonio coastline.

What it means that instead of it being dry like it often is during the high season, the days are filled with more intermittent weather patterns. It might rain each day of your trip, but these rain showers often only last for an hour before easing up and drying out.

The benefit to green season is that it tends to be quieter for North American visitors. But, the hospitality at Arenas Del Mar remains the same. You’ll experience the same warm, inviting reception and luxury treatments that you would expect at our property. The bonus is that you will have the opportunity to experience the property with a different perspective than travelling during the high season.

Squirrel monkeys have lots to eat in green season.

Squirrel monkeys have lots to eat in green season.

Must have items for the beach

When you visit Costa Rica, be sure to pack the right gear for a trip to the beach, because we can guarantee that you will be spending a lot of your day there! Here’s a list of must have items for the beach:

Enjoying a soccer game at the beach.

Enjoying a soccer game at the beach.

Swimsuit(s): Of course you won’t forget to pack at least one swimsuit, but you might want to think about bringing a few! And, for those of you who are focusing on getting the best tan possible, keep in mind that you might have a few whiter spots in areas if your swimsuit cut and fit is different than the first (or second!) one.

Sunglasses: Much like the future, it’s bright in Costa Rica. So, you’ll want to wear shades. We recommend anything that is ok with getting a bit sandy and a bit wet. And, like swimsuits, make sure you bring a couple of pairs for impromptu photo shoots or – dare we say it – selfies on the beach.

Watching a boogie board competition in Manuel Antonio.

Watching a boogie board competition in Manuel Antonio.

Tank top/shirt: In case you want to cover up, go for a walk, or head away from the beach it is always a good idea to have a shirt to throw on! We recommend something light that won’t get you overheated!

Water shoes: If your toes are sensitive, you might want to consider water shoes to keep your feet clear from any sharp or rough rocks on the ocean floor

A couple enjoy the beach on their honeymoon

Eco-Honeymoons are becoming more popular on Costa Rican beaches.

Flip flops: While they used to be called thongs, the modern term still applies to the same shoes that are designed for the beach. They’re easy to flip on and head for a stroll.

Sunscreen: Choose your favourite, and make sure that the SPF is right. The sun is bright in Costa Rica, so even if it is a little cloudy, you can easily burn. Slap it on and refresh it routinely!

Water bottle: You’re bound to get thirsty from all this activity, so be sure to stay hydrated! And, don’t use a single-use plastic water bottle.

Electric vehicles in Manuel Antonio

Around our amazing hotel property you will never hear the roar of an engine. This is because instead of using vehicles that rely on fossil fuels we have a small fleet of electric carts that we use to transport people and hotel supplies around the grounds. These little vehicles are perfect for our needs and are much better for the environment than using diesel trucks or gas cars.

The electric carts are great for moving around the property

The electric carts are great for moving around the property

Whether you are heading to the main beach, la playita or just getting a ride up the hill, our staff are available with an electric vehicle to help you get there.

The electric carts we use is one part of our sustainability strategy at Arenas Del mar. It helps us keep our property free of environmental degradation and free of noise pollution as well.

Costa Rica in 2014

Every year the travel landscape shifts slightly. Costa Rica is no different, we’re a quarter of the way through this year and this is what the 2014 season is looking like.


The idea of sustainability has gone beyond water bottles and chlorine free pools. The philosophy of sustainability now plays a major role in people’s travel decisions. Our Eco-Honeymoon program is getting more attention than ever as newlyweds look for a honeymoon option that benefits the host community and the world around them. The “Ah-ha!” for many couples happens when they realize adopting sustainability does not mean sacrificing their dream honeymoon, in fact, it enhances it.

A couple enjoy the beach on their honeymoon

Eco-Honeymoons are becoming more popular

Experiencing an eco-honeymoon will change the way you look at travel and the world around you. Starting your marriage with an eco-honeyoon will give you the perspective needed for a lifetime of sustainable travel together.

Get in touch with us to find out how you can win an eco-honeymoon! 

Traveling to Costa Rica with a family

A family vacation can be a great way to bring the family closer together and give everyone a much deserved break. A vacation doesn’t have to be a once in a lifetime trip either, some of the families that visit us are here for a a few days every year.

If you’re traveling with your family to Costa Rica, we have some tips that will help you make the most of it.

Ready to hit the waves

Ready to hit the waves

  1. Plan your trip early. Getting a jump start on your planning will help ensure there are rooms available, seats together on your flights and activities available. If you want to know a great time to come to Costa Rica, just ask!
  2. Pack smart. If your family can get away with minimal luggage then transfers and airports become much easier.
  3. Don’t do chores. Laundry, dishes, cooking… we’ve got you covered. You and your family should be relaxing
  4. Let us worry about the details. The staff at Arenas del Mar is here to help. If you are looking for something specific or special while you are here then make sure you let us know. As our past guests will tell you we will go to any length to make sure our guests are having the best time.

    Hanging out with a Sloth in Manuel Antonio

    Hanging out with a Sloth in Manuel Antonio

  5. Be ambitious! Have you ever eaten ceviche? How about made your own tortillas? Ziplined? White water rafting? Remember to push yourself and your family out of their comfort zones.
  6. Bring a camera. Whether you bring a DSLR to photograph wildlife, a waterproof camera, or your Iphone,  just make sure you have it with you and you have batteries to document all your family fun. You will be taken back to that moment every time you look at your photos.

    Child guests make silly faces for the camera

    Kids laughing after a guied tour of Manuel Antonio.